Riparia Gardens is a small, ecologically focused farm located on the North Fork of the Little River in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina. We use regenerative farming practices and prioritize the health of our land and the whole farm ecosystem.

We are currently focusing on specialty cut flowers, growing high quality and unique cut-flowers for our community.

In our inaugural growing season, you can find some of our mixed flower bouquets most days of the week at Broken Spoke Farm in Hillsborough, NC.  Stay tuned for 2025 offerings!

Katie Denman & Jaime Fennelly
Riparia Gardens

“Riparia” means, in its simplest form, along the river.   A Riparian buffer is the forested land that runs along rivers, streams, ponds, and wetlands, for example, and is an invaluable ecosystem that reduces flooding, protects soil quality, helps keep water clean and provides an unique habitat for many native species.   A headwater stream passes through our woods before it convenes with the Little River on the southern edge of our farm and thus we are not only in a unique position to be stewards of this incredible natural resource, but also learn and interact with it over the course of our lifetime. 

We’ve recently partnered with Eno River Association on a watershed protection project that was funded by the City of Durham to place over 5 acres of our farm into conservation to ensure it is protected in perpetuity.

Riparia Gardens LLC
PO Box 1545, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Instagram: @ripariagardens